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Sep 23, 2012 6:30pm EDT
on third down for the raiders. >> ian: darius heyward-bey now along oakland sideline working with the trainer. giordano has leg cramps he's get an i.v. in the locker room. hagan along with rod streater, rookie out of temple. >> dan: here is streater and hagan. >> ian: first down just inside the 20. rush coming. palmer gets rid of it. come backer for streater then hit by taylor. >> dan: because of injuries in the preseason streater was the raiders leading receiver. very comfortable with his quarterback, carson palmer. >> ian: it's a finger injury for heyward-bey. lost jacoby ford in the preseason for the rest of year he was a big weapon for carson palmer. second and five now for the raiders. palmer over the middle. finds a soft spot there with denarius moore he's cut down right at the ten yard line just short of first down by larry foote, the linebacker. >> dan: see confidence building in this offense led by carson palmer. he's getting back and getting rid of the ball quickly. receivers are getting in to their routes making the catch on the other end. >> ian: palmer came in le
Sep 23, 2012 6:00pm EDT
: it happens, boomer. it happens. >> boomer: coach, please. >> james: seco >> ian: halftime in the bay area, pittsburgh leading oakland 17-14. the raiders looking for their first win of the season, pittsburgh looking for its first road win. come back to oakland after this message and word from your local station. you're watching the nfl on cbs, home of super bowl xlvii. there are a lot of warning lights and sounds vying for your attention. so we invented a warning you can feel. introducing the all-new cadillac xts. available with a patented safety alert seat. when there's danger you might not see, you're warned by a pulse in the seat. it's technology you won't find in a mercedes e-class. the all-new cadillac xts has arrived, and it's bringing the future forward. >> ian: here in oakland a quick start for the steelers, ben roethlisberger couple of touchdowns to heath miller. the raiders rally, palmer, darius heyward-bey, suisham the fieldgoal they got the lead 17-14 as we get ready for third quarter action take look at the directv ultimate picture cam, carson palmer getting a little roughed u
Sep 30, 2012 3:00pm PDT
the first two days. ian's hot streak at the end there. they built on that. we tried to stay. if we can get a run early and the guys that started hot the first couple of days did not start hot today. like i said, a couple of matches there in the middle got flipped. we knew we were going to put stricker and woods in the back just in case and they obviously fought hard, stayed in it all the way, but once those guys got the momentum, that was tough. >> you've been gracious all week long. thank you very much for your time. >> again, what makes this comeback which matches the u.s. comeback in '99 even more impressive is the fact they got it done here in the united states. americans were on their home soil at brookline. this was a monumental effort and i cannot think that the difference that poulter made late yesterday with those five straight birdies just propelled them into the final day. >> the u.s. played so poorly on 17 and 18. just a sort of earned the loss. they really did. just 17 and 18 today, just two wins for the u.s. eight wins for europe and three halves and that was the difference.
Sep 29, 2012 9:00am EDT
. by justin rose after his partner, ian poulter, put it there. rose sets poulter up for a birdie at the very first hole and poulter, who just seems to be wired for this type of competition, first putt of the day is in for a birdie and poulter and rose quickly take the 1-up lead. and then the second shot at the par 4 3rd. this was webb simpson. again teaming up with bubba watson from 86 yards out. stiffs it. that produces a run for the united states as watson and simpson have squared it up. bradley and mickelson who went yesterday against lee westwood and luke donald. this was phil mickelson at the opening hole, par 4 433 yard hole. mickelson stiffs it. that set up a u.s. win there at the first, but a birdie to have it. could have had it as donald had a chance at it as westwood hit a nice approach there, but it was a 1-up lead for bradley and mickelson, then bradley and westwood, 381 yards, the water. and keegan bradley, phil mickelson won the first two holes over donald and westwood to grab the 2-up lead. match three, jason dufner and zach johnson. co then the fourth and final match set to g
Sep 13, 2012 1:00am PDT
, starting in cairo with ian lee is on the phone and also journalist mona eltahawy who joins us as well. so, ian, we've been watching live video of the protests. you can see hundreds of people near the embassy. we understand they're now spilling into tahrir square with police, egyptian police using tear gas. what is the situation there? what's the latest? >> repter: well, anderson, what we're basically seeing right now is a war of attrition. both sides are dug in. the police aren't likely to push further beyond the embassy, they're there just to protect the perimeter of the embassy. the protesters are the ones now that are going to be squaring off with the police, but they seem to be kind of at a distance right now. it's really who will tire out first. we've been seeing tear gas, rock throwing by both sides, we've seen molotov cocktails, a real battle on the streets, if you will. and these are your hard-core protesters. these are the ones that we've seen over the past year and a half, the ones who are on the front lines of any battle with the police, the most zealous protests, so what we're
Sep 24, 2012 6:00pm EDT
was a passenger in the car, his sister was with him. a friend was at the wheel. there was a crash. 16-year-old ian heflin ends up dead. dead, just a few miles away. as word spread about what happened here, friends stopped by here. here to remember 16-year-old ian heflin, a cheerleader, a lacrosse player, killed in a car on his way to school this morning. >> he always brightened everyone's day. >> reporter: and then for him to die this way. >> he didn't -- i couldn't -- he didn't deserve to die. >> reporter: a curve warning, a broken hubcap, some bouquets of flowers, markers at the site of this tragic crash, the scene, this curvy rural road near bealton, three teenagers in the car on their way to school. the orange lines and skid marks tell the story. police say the 1996 toyota went off the road here into the grass, and that the driver -- the driver overcorrected. now, look at the skid marks. you can see how the car went across the road into the oncoming lane. then down into this ditch. and into that tree over there. the passenger in the front seat killed on impact. the passenger in the back seat s
Sep 1, 2012 5:00am PDT
tell that his owners didn't know how to treat an orangutan. >> ian singleton is the director of the sumatran orangutan conservation programme. he and his team want to be certain, that apart from his surface injuries, rahul is basically healthy. the veterinarian tells us they see similar cases all the time. when rainforest is felled, the native animal population is left homeless. many female orangutans are killed and their young sold on the black market. rahul was sold for 20,000 rupiah about as much as 2 packets of cigarettes in indonesia. >> in indonesia it's all about status. if you have an endangered species as a pet then you're showing that you're above the law. that's crazy. it's such arrogance. >> rahul's original habitat was tripa, one of the last remaining peat swamp forests on the west coast of sumatra. its ecosystem is in jeopardy after it was ravaged by more than 100 fires that have raged here since march. they may well have been started deliberately. many are resorting to illegal slash and burn forestry to make room for lucrative palm oil plantations. we're on ou
Sep 26, 2012 1:00pm PDT
. alan's son ian has a go pro camera attached to a fishing rod. that's how we see this under the surface. that's the 7 foot tiger shark. the other thing is a 15-foot tiger shark. >> no. >> yes. >> no way. >> taking it down in one gulp. >> he sees the 7 foot shark on the line and he says i think i'll have a bite of that. >> he's a canable. >> in all your years of fishing, have you ever seen anything like this? >> i can't say i have. we were fishing for the shark. we hooked the small shark. big took central one in as far as dorsal fen. small on the line, big shark regurgitated, swarm away and came back at the fish the second time. at that point ian put another bait in the water, caught the big shark and took pictures of it and released it. the big one we estimated over 1,000 times. the small shark did not survive. >> while you were on this boat and saw this happening, did you have any idea what was going on beneath the second. >> saw the shark come there. at one point i saw the small shark disappear. joking around i said, looks like the big one tried to eat him. ian stuck the shark underwa
Sep 1, 2012 7:00pm EDT
of biometics at manchester university. with us was ian, a british newspaper columnist what he calls the apar thide of what people takes. and kerry, a children's tv presenter who has the lower part of her right arm missing. what do you think of the big moral argument, we need to try to prevent disease andnd prevent disability if it can? >> i think it's more of just a moral argument or judgment. i think it's a human responsibility really. i think all of us are responsible for the future of the human race in one sense. i think if you're going to go down that road saying we can create the perfect person, what u're doing is then saying, well, unless we match up to this, therefore, everyone else is imperfect in some way. and, you know, it's very foolish to think that we can create an almighty human because, you know, we're human beings as long as we have war, we're going to have disabilities. people are coming back from afghanistan every day maimed in some way or another, and it's like saying, are they also imperfect the same way as people who are born with a disability? and none of us are imperfe
Sep 12, 2012 9:00am PDT
from around the globe. ian lee is on the ground in cairo, eswript, and sarah is in jerusalem. so two u.s. missions in two different countries attacked on the same day. we're talking about the 11th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. we want to take a closer look at the security information with someone who is actually experiencing this. nicolas burns has served in the foreign service for 27 years. he is also a former u.s. ambassador to nato. nick, thanks for joining us. obviously, earlier in your career you had positions in jerusalem and cairo, so let's first talk about what went on in your mind when you thought and you heard on 9/11 that you had two separate instances in perhaps one of the most hot spots in the globe? >> well, suzanne, this is obviously a tragic day for the united states and for the u.s. foreign service. ambassador stevens and his three colleagues were serving our country in the most honorable way. they were out on the frontlines, and it does demonstrate that we have men and women fro the u.s. foreign service from our state department all over the world defendi
Sep 13, 2012 12:00pm EDT
wire fencing outside the embassy in cairo. police responded by firing tear gas. ian lee is join ugs from the egyptian capital. ian, this is three days with these kind of demonstrations. first of all, do we expect that on friday, a day of prayer, it's going to be much, much bigger and more violent? >> reporter: well, it's definitely going to be a lot bigger. the muslim brotherhood is calling for mass demonstrations in egypt. they're calling for peaceful demonstrations and they are encouraging the people to stay away from the u.s. embassy. but usually on fridays, we see a lot of people when there are calls like this going to tahrir square. >> right. >> reporter: right now if you can see behind me, we have people who are battling with the police in the square, so it's likely if they were to join in the square and these battles continue, we might see a larger confrontation tomorrow. >> ian, tell us what you're seeing and what you're hearing. it sounded like gunshots behind you. but describe the scene. what is it like in tahrir square? >> reporter: well, it's really this road that leads
Sep 19, 2012 6:00pm EDT
other lives better. >> god speed ian loughran. rest assured that your death has meaning and that you're ours forever. >> reporter: in harford county jeff hager. >> sergeant ian loughran is survived by his wife and children. >>> the former sheriff of harford county has died. he started with the state police. in fact, he was in the first class that started wearing a stetson hat. after that he was the sheriff until 1996. was always on the football and baseball field and always see ted and his wife elaine at ceremonies and new trooper graduation. major ted employer dead at the age of 83. >>> a timonium medspa is closed down after three people came down with anen text and one of them died. abc2 investigators joce sterman is here with what they found. >> during that inspection, they found conditions that could endanger the public help. monarch medspa, located on deereco was on the radar when it was determined that three people came down with an infection in a six week span. it's called invasive group a strept. they will look for the source. >> we look at everything, from the people who wer
Sep 24, 2012 11:00pm EDT
, it just last week, they were walking the same hallways with ian the friend they lost. >> they did not say goodbye. he was the guy everybody really liked, taken to soon. a memorial held to remember the lacrosse player, up 16. -- just 16. >> we are never going to see him again. >> every day i would get on the bus, he would say, hi, little freshman. >> everybody had stories. they were written by way of messages. those candles are symbolic of a life that always lived up to the room. >> closure is very important. >> he just attracted kid to him he was like a firefly. >> friday, when i saw him he was happy. he was being ian. >> updates on his sister, who was in the car when it happened. she underwent several surgeries and is said to be doing fine. >> we are monitoring a new development in that heartbreaking story from the national zoo, the death of the panda cub. the chief veterinarian says mei xiang was cradling a plastic toy in the wake of the cobb's death. the letter did not look normal, but stopped short of issuing a cause of death. >> livers have a uniform color. >> they are not aware of a
Sep 9, 2012 12:15am EDT
to right and to not make that. and here is the winning run in the form of ian desmond. the nats win a game, 6-7 is that magic number, now 17. >> and in to maryland and philly, avenging the loss to temple. with the second quarter, maryland up 10-3 and with that action. the terps at that point and in to that second, no one-3 and no problem, and he goes 11 yards for the score and win 26-27 and are 2-0 in the season. and virginia, hosting penn state and that is since 2002. and michael rocco looks for jake mcgee and with that extra point. that is key and with that last chance to win it and in to charlottesville and win again, uva, 17-16 and they 2-0. coming up on nissan sports extra, i am here because lindsay murphy is in new orleans getting ready. >> i know. >> and that is against the saints. >> and that is nothing at all. >> and to start tomorrow. >> we have to send in some pancakes. >> yeah. >> and thank you. >>> a rare sight in new york city today. a tornado. see how that impacted the u.s. open. next. next.  . >>> severe weather toe across the northeast. this is a
Sep 12, 2012 4:00pm PDT
and setting fires in the street. just a couple of moments ago. it's 1:00 a.m. there. ian lee is in cairo tonight, joining me in just a moment. what we've heard has happeneon the ground is that egyptian security had to tear gas some of those protesters you see there and obviously, it looks calm at this particular moment, but they had to tear gas security basheded wire. we're hearing from a social activist there on the ground. protesters were able to push that down and the fight according to cnn sources on the ground, moved to a mosque in tahrir square, where there is tear gas. about 200 meters from the u.s. embassy. as we get ian lee ready, i'm joined by nick kristof here, columnist for the "new york times," a man who has spent a lot of times covering the arab spring and now, thinking about the tragedy that has happened in cairo and libya, which we're going to talk more t i a moment. what is your reaction to how this seems to be escalating? >> i think the thing that strikes me the most is that at least in the libyan government, you have a real sense of people apologizing and people trying
Sep 13, 2012 8:00am PDT
at bay. and joining us from cairo is ian lee. and get me up to speed now, and with the time difference, there is day time and have things abated or police able to get an edge on the protesters or what is the circumstance? >> well, if you can see behind me, the protesters are down there in the hundreds and the numbers vrt st s have started t the night is approaching and growing darker. to put it in perspective this protest started midnight yesterday egypt time, d this thing has been running for almost 18 hours now nonstop clashes between the police and the protesters, tear gas, rocks, molotov cocktails and as you mentioned, they burnt out some police vehicles, and it does not look like it is about to die down, but looks liket may be growing a lit. you watch the two groups, the police and the protesters will ebb and flow and really a stalemate and neither side is gaining much ground on the othe other. >> ian, i want you to read a comment from the egyptian president mohamed morsi, because i believe that much of the focus has been on whether this man would condemn the violent actions and t
Sep 14, 2012 2:00am PDT
's second largest city basra, as well as amman, jordan. ian lee has been following the developments in cairo. ian, what's the scene like right now? >> reporter: well, right now christine, we still have battles going on between protesters and police. we're still seeing the tear gas used rubber bullets used, protesters responding with molotov cocktails and rocks. this battle has been going on since wednesday night. it's now friday, just about noon, so it's been a sustained battle. really no either side getting the upper hand on the other, but we're seeing injuries and more injuries on both sides as this battle continues. it is happening near the u.s. embassy on a road that goes from tahrir square to the u.s. embassy. right now the protesters are about roughly 80 to 100 yards from the embassy, but the police have been able to hold them off. the military's also building a huge concrete wall on the road leading to the embassy. this wall is about ten feet tall, and we've seen this used in the past to stop protesters from advancing toward critical places. christine? >>
Sep 15, 2012 4:00am PDT
security forces there have cracked down arresting more than 140,000 protesters. let's bring in ian lee. half the protests there let up in the capital? >> well, randi, it seems to be over now. earlier this morning the police with the heavy, heavy presence pushed the protesters away from the u.s. embassy, forcing them to tahrir square and from there they pushed them out of the square and, relly, the protesters melted away into the city. we haven't seen any more protests, any more conflict and there is a heavy presence of police presence in tahrir square and around the embassy. the walls that the police put up to stop protesters from going to the embassy, they're still there and it doesn't look like they're leaving any time soon. >> what are you hearing and what more can you tell us about this attack by militants at a u.n. peacekeeping base in sinai? >> well, this, this base of multi-force observers their mission is to watch the border between egypt and israel. yesterday militants attacked this compound. the egyptian army says that they went after these militants with tanks, armor personn
Sep 13, 2012 12:00am PDT
are on the ground in tripoli right now. cnn is there and ian lee is in cairo. what is the latest in libya? >> reporter: well, wolf, what we're hearing here from government officials is that they have started an investigation into this incident to try and figure out what happened. we have heard conflicting reports from libyan officials on what actually went down yesterday at the consulate in benghazi. but strong words of condemnation coming from the libyan government. senior officials today saying that this is not representative of the libyan people, of the new libya. this is not how they want to treat their guests. they are trying to reassure the united states and the international community that they will do their best and that they will protect foreign interests here in libya, but this is going to be something -- this is not the first attack on foreign interests here and on the u.s. consulate specifically, so we're going to have to see what action is really taken by the libyan government -- >> all right, we're losing our connection, unfortunately, with jomana. we'll get back to you, sta
Sep 6, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. ian absolutely deserves it. >> julie: but why you and not danielle he vicked tonight? >> >> i can't go there. i will rub his back but that's it. >> julie: you made, you didn't make any big moves, didn't win any competitions. was that your strategy? let everyone else -- >> oh, yes, yes. that was really my strategy. i could have won it all! i could have won everything! i tried every ounce of my body to win one of them things. 20 years, i will have 20 years on me but i won't go there, what i will say is, i fought going in, the biggest thing i could possibly do is obviously use my cooking skills and love and then also just be there for people. >> julie: final question everyone wants to know the answer to, what exactly is that on your chin? >> it is my ninny clause. i tell my children it is my ninny kla u.s. >> julie: i hope it grows in by the 25th. >> you are off to the jury house but we will see you back on wednesday, september 19th when you and the rest of the jury crown the winner of big brother. thank you. >> thank you so much. thank you, guys. >> julie: stay right there, stay righ
Sep 8, 2012 12:30pm PDT
committee and steve partly and ian murray for their wonderful collaboration with the city. they have been working with us for 18 months, negotiating from permits to the race to the details and with all the difference to the agency's credit to the coast guard and the safety of the racers themselves and the audiences along the water and waterfront. i also want to thank the rec and park commission president, head of the organizing committee, that is mark buell and carry mcclellan, for their excellent work for helping to lead the city side of it. and i want to thank, of course, all the racing teams that have made the decision to start racing in this wonderful day of hours. that will be, again, the first time ever that you will be able to see these races from the shore. the book to use the technology to get the excitement down, right on the boat itself. with that, i would like to welcome, and then i look forward not only to this race and next year, for the louis vuitton cup and america's cup, but i look for to announcing that this is, in addition to the third fourth america cup, it will be the
Sep 25, 2012 4:30am EDT
day liberty highat school in fauquier county. >> a 16-year-old ian heflin was y morning when the was in a crash. his sister was seriously injured. the teenage driver was not injured./ a lunchtime memorial was held to heflin, who was a player.lacrosse >> he was like a firefly. >> he was fine and happy when i saw him. and then he's not there. everyone.y rough for >> police are investigating the crash. teenagers were wearing seat belts. >> the d.c. board of elections will hold a voter registration today from 10:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. square, they will people toging register. otherere are several locations throughout the city. >> the president and first lady york city. will attend the un general assembly today, where the president will speak. they taped an interview for the view on monday on abc and they policy andforeign- glider topics. that at 11:00 this morning on abc 7. >> republican nominee mitt speak in newlso morning and then ohio. yesterday in colorado to criticize the president's foreign-policy, accusing him of minimizing the recent killing of the u.s. ambassador to libya as
Sep 24, 2012 5:00pm EDT
here to remember 16-year-old ian heflin, a cheerleader, a lacrosse player, killed in a cross on his way to school this morning. >> he always brightened everyone's day. >> reporter: and then for him to die this way. >> he didn't -- i couldn't -- he didn't deserve to die. >> reporter: a curve warning, a broken hubcap, some bouquets of flowers, markers at the site of this tragic crash, the scene, this curvy rural road. three teenagers in the car on their way to school. the orange lines and skid marks tell the story. police say the 1996 toyota went off the road here, into the grass, and that the driver overcorrected. now, look at the skid marks. you can see how the car went across the road into the oncoming lane. then down into this ditch. and into that tree over there. the passenger in the front seat, killed on impact. the passenger in the back seat, seriously injured. medevacked to a hospital. the driver, they say he was unhurt. killed in the crash, ian heflin, seriously injured his 14-year-old sister. police say the 17-year-old driver, and both passengers, were all wearing seat belts
Sep 11, 2012 8:00pm PDT
've been there many times. a chance to see what was happening, ian. how violent was it? how frightening was it? what things were they doing? >> reporter: well, the protesters when i was there were climbing around the embassy walls, chanting down with america, they were calling for jihad, many violent chants against the u.s. embassy. many people saying they will continue this pressure against the u.s. embassy because of these -- this video, so it is a tense situation, and there were calls for protests tomorrow. so we may see another tense situation, erin. >> jomana when it gets to libya, how did they find out what happened in cairo? how much coordination was there as people say, will these attacks continue or will this escalate, not just in libya and in cairo, but perhaps in other places? >> reporter: well, social media called for protests, and there were some postings on pages like facebook earlier today, and that could have been the calls for this protest that took place outside the consulate. the difficult thing with libya, many of these people are armed, and it will be difficult to c
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 301 (some duplicates have been removed)